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Veteran Brazilian born, New York based guitarist, composer and producer Sandro Albert teams up with his fellow countryman, renowned artist and master lyricist Manu Lafer to create Run N’ Fly – a Steely Dan-like musical collective featuring top New York session musicians and singers, in addition to legendary jazz/R&B drummer Omar Hakim. Combining Albert’s infectious, relentlessly grooving old school R&B/funk and contemporary urban jazz vibes with Lafer’s fertile imagination and whimsical storytelling, Run N’ Fly creates a quirky yet powerful homage to some of our greatest and most beautiful female icons, and some obscure ones for good measure, starting with the irrepressible first single “Daughter of Cain,” inspired affectionately by Israeli actress Yuval Scharf.
Jonathan Widran – Global (Music Writer)

Sandro Albert:

Manu Lafer:

Run n’ Fly is:

Sandro Albert and Manu Lafer
Featuring Sandro Albert (guitars, keys, vocals, moog and vocoder), Manu Lafer, Darryl Tookes, Cindy Mizelle, Angela Clemmons and Bashiri Johnson (perc). Special appearances: Vanessa Falabella (vocals), Omar Hakim and Marco da Costa (drums), Mike Ricchiuti, Gilson Schachnik and Keco Brandão (keys), Derrick Murdock (bass)

Michael Rorby (trombone), Patience Higgins (sax) and James Zollar (trumpet) All music composed, arranged and produced by Sandro Albert, Except Pam and Raquel, horns arranged by Michael Rorby

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